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Anonymous asked:
why do you believe your creator is a she?


Im not sure…I feel like woman historically have suffered the most throughout history.man has taken the rug from under them. Even though men planted the seeds of life, woman have nurtured them raised them, taught them.
While men went off to fight pointless wars women maintained the integrity of their villages and kingdoms. Woman’s bodies go through far more turmoil than a mans..yet are still expected to handle the same of not more than a man.
Of the strongest and most fierce of men…they have brought to there knees by a woman.
Even homosexual men can not display the same essence a woman can. She emits qualities that cannot be duplicated.
Kings, warriors, drug lords, all weakened by the presence of a woman, whether it be their mother or the mother of their children.Even in the animal kingdom the female has so much command.
They have suffered horrifying abuse from the hands of man and STILL raised warriors and queens.
It just made me think…any woman who has been in power ruled her domain with such fierceness. .whether for GOOD or EVIL.
They say the meek shall inherit the earth well what about the woman?
I feel like she has a greater gift when she dies..to discover that her creator looks like her.
Why couldn’t that be possible? Wouldnt that be amazing? The ultimate caregiver…protector and teacher.
A woman.
Or there may not be a gender at all. Who knows?


"what does your tattoo mean?"

It means I wanted it so I fucking got it